Help Feed Thousands of Needy and Hungry People for Passover Our Goal to Raise $225,000 of Cash Donations will be Leveraged Into $450,000

On the Seder Plate, the charoset is used to sweeten the bitter herb. With your help, Masbia will try to sweeten the holiday for so many needy men, women, and children. Charoset is not only a metaphor here. The emergency food package will include ingredients to make charoset in addition to many other essential foods.

Masbia needs your help to distribute $450,000 worth of Kosher for Passover food with a goal to feed 15,000 people, equivalent to 3,000 families. Each family package will include groceries for 90 meals, 18 meals per person, valued at $30, 5 people per family totaling $150. (Our all year round grocery bags contain 9 meals per person based on the My Plate system but, our Passover bags contain double that). Read moreless about the campaign goals.

Masbia’s purchasing power will leverage your dollar which means that every dollar donated will be doubled. Our fundraising goal is to reach $225,000 which translates to $450,000 worth of food.

Your donation of $15 will allow us to give 18 meals for a person in need. Your donation of $75 will allow us to give $150 dollars worth of groceries to a family in need. If you wish to sponsor 18 families at the rate of $1,350, Farmer Lee Jones will have a special gift for you. You can select how many individuals or families you would like to sponsor meals for by using the add and subtract buttons.

This is an awesome way to add color to your Seder Plate, something even high end chefs have yet to experiment with. There is one compartment on the Seder Plate called Karpas and the main reason for dipping a vegetable into salt water is to provoke children to ask about it, as per the theme of the Seder night that the story is to be recounted by way of question and answer. Dipping a vegetable prior to the main meal is not usually done at other occasions, and thus arouses the curiosity of the children. The variety of Karpas Farmer Lee Jones will be sending you will have all of the adults at your Seder asking questions.

Here is how it will work. All vegetables are alternative to Karpas. Like lots of Jewish customs, traditions may vary. The most popular in America is parsely, the most ancient is celery, and many use radishes as well. Farmer Lee Jones’ Karpas kit will include 2 types of celery, 2 exotic varieties of parsley which are pink tipped and tender petite green parsley, high end celery root also known as knob celery, 4 different colors of radishes which are ninja colored, watermelon colored, white colored, and lime colored, and a fifth option of radish will be included which are eye-popping purple seedlings of radishes.

If that’s not enough, Farmer Lee Jones has something to add to your Maror on the Seder Plate: baby romaine lettuce.

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About Charoset:

Charoset, (Hebrew: חרוסת [haroset]) is a sweet paste made of fruits, nuts and grape juice (or sweet wine) eaten at the Passover Seder. According to Jewish tradition, its color and texture are meant to recall the mud which the Israelites used to make bricks when they were enslaved in Egypt.

But, lucky for us, charoset is sweet and we eat it during the Seder to counteract the taste of the bitter herbs. Sponsor the sweet ingredients needed to prepare charoset, along with fresh and nutritious Kosher for Passover staples to help ease the bitterness of those in need. With your help, so many people will be able to celebrate Passover without being enslaved by hunger.

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